Specialization: MEGA JUMBO to 120m3 up to 24 tons, 38 pallet places

We offer a positive solution, cost competitive compared to 24 tons trailer trucks. Our volume space JUMBO-trucks have 38 pallet places (120 m3) with the capacity of 12 and 24 tons. We provide 20% more space than a standard 24-tons truck, resulting in up to 5 pallet places more, or stacking 10-15 pallets.

We lower the transport costs by giving the possibility to carry more cargo on one truck. We also have smaller vehicles, type 1.5 t, 3.5 t, and 6-ton trucks, to carry smaller "dedicated" loads in a short time.

We also specialize in part loadings from 1 pallet with fast delivery time approx 48 hours without reloading and storage.